ACE IN THE ASSHOLE – Taylor Sands (GearVR)

Models: Taylor Sands, Derrick Pierce

Blowjob, Anal, , Reverse cowgirl,


Nothing like game night. You (as Derrick Pierce) have been waiting all week for this. It’s the weekly tradition where you and Taylor Sands spend the evening drinking wine and playing games. But this week you want to take it a step further. Game night is always better when there is something riding on it.

When Taylor Sands returns home, you make a proposition. If she wins, you’ll spend the weekend cleaning every inch of the house. However, if you win, she’ll have to clean every inch of your cock with her ass hole. Taylor takes the bet. Let the games begin.

This isn’t your first rodeo at game night. You’ve always kind of held back a bit so Taylor wouldn’t know how good you are. You’ve been bluffing, biding your time until today. Today Taylor learns you’re a dead ringer and, as you planned, you win game night. So now, she needs to make good on the bet.

Taylor isn’t a girl to shy away from losing a bet. She’s all about paying up. She drops down onto her knees, unbuckles your pants and slurps up your growing shaft. She’s obviously way better at sucking dick than playing cards. Taylor is really into swallowing your cock. Maybe she threw the game just so she could feel you glide into her tight asshole?

Now that you’re fully erect, Taylor wants to feel you in her other holes, but her pussy is aching for dick, so she slips over your body and reverse cowgirls you. Obviously she wants you to take in the full view of her ass. The image of her pussy fully swallowing your cock as her ass bounces up and down is unlike anything else.

It’s difficult for Taylor’s pussy to say goodbye to your cock, but it’s time for her ass. She’s ready for you. Your dick is glistening in the light like the hilt of a sword. You take her with both hands and slowly but firmly glide your dick into her. This is going to be a good night. She’s in for the ass fuck of her life.

Duration: 00:18:58
Resolution: 3840p x 1920p
Format: mp4
File Size 1.61 GB

Download or WATCH ONLINE / taylor_sands_derrick_pierce_GearVRv.mp4

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