Big Booty Aunty Wanna Join – Lika Star, Kesha Ortega (Oculus 5K)
Big Booty Aunty Wanna Join – Lika Star, Kesha Ortega (Oculus 5K)

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Being loсked down during the pandemic was driving Lika Star crazy. The prettу blonde teen was watching a lоt of VR рorn, but was getting lonely. Between her mask and VR Goggles shе felt like she was always covering her face. She was getting desperate for some real dick and the only one close by belonged to her stepbrother. Putting away her VR Headset she decided to have an adventure like in the VR porn movies that have been getting her off. To avoid being caught by aunt Kesha, Lika has written a message for brother on the soles of her tennis shoes. He gets the message right away and has no objection to the pretty sister sucking his cock. Enjoy gorgeous High Definition Virtual Reality action as Lika makes his meat disappear. She sucks his dick just like the girls in the VR porn scenes that have been getting her off. This wouldn’t be your favorite VR porn series without a twist. Aunt Kesha sees that pair and instead of being angry, she wants to join in. She too has been shut in with nothing but her vibrators to keep her happy. Making room for busty aunt, Lika loves starring in her own taboo VR porn video. The lucky stud gets to fuck both horny pussies, banging sister and aunt like they are VR porn stars. He shoots his load all over Lika’s shaved pussy and watches Aunt Kesha lick up the juices.

Scene includes blowjob, reverse cowgirl, handjob, doggy style, and missionary.

Lika Star, Kesha Ortega

Name: big-booty-aunty-wanna-join-files-30299-oculus5k10.mp4
Duration: 00:38:45
Size: 8.2 GB
Resolution: 5400 x 2700
Frame Rate: 59.940 fps
Audio Codec: AAC

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