Housewife Rush – Lexi Luna (Oculus/Go)

Models: Lexi Luna

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Housewife Rush

You have been ready for a long time, and your wife is still not. You get impatient so go to see what is taking her so long. Surprisingly, she is not in the bedroom, but you find her in the bathroom, making a selfie in the mirror like she is fully makeup and naked – with her long brunette hair done and curvy body with huge boobs. But that s not all. Suddenly Lexi starts masturbating! She noticed you after a while. Embarrassed, ashamed, she tries to explain herself. Well, it might seem like she s probably cheating on you with someone and she s sending those spicy naked pics in front of the mirror to him. But not this time. Lexi is just horny, sexy and very beautiful. And seeing herself naked and wearing gorgeous makeup in front of a mirror made her feel more sexier than ever. She decided to capture the moment with the phone. And what came out well, she s all Lexi, you know her. But this time when your wife is already fully horny and wet and even more beautiful than usual, isn t it worth taking this opportunity? Lexi invites you into the bedroom, suggesting that you might be a little more late.

Duration: 00:49:06
Resolution: 3840p x 1920p
Format: mp4
File Size 4.02 GB

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