Kelly Summer and Leena Ray (Smartphone)
Kelly Summer and Leena Ray (Smartphone)

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This Kelly Summer and Leena Ray sex video will give you the impression to be in a stripclub with them, as if you were part of the audience. Here, Kelly Summer and Leena Ray perform on stage for the pleasure of the eyes of the crowd. and yours.

Within the festive atmosphere of this stripclub, at first, two guys are called on stage to come present themselves in order to claim their price, a VR Casting Sexperience with two pornstars!

Once the presentations are done, it’s time for the serious stuff. So, let’s call on stage Kelly Summer to perform an amazing show! Coming on stage wearing yellow lingerie, she begins to crawl slowly towards the public on a rock song. When a guy climbs on the stage, she does not hesitate to include him into her performance and mimic a 69 with him.

When his part is done, he’s sent back to the audience. But what comes next was not expected and was cheered by a dirty rapturous audience! That’s when Kelly takes control of the stage and exposes her twerking talents and her flexibility!

Once Kelly’s solo performance is over, it is just the beginning. That’s when the gorgeous Leena Ray with her teen body comes on stage for a st34my pole dancing session with Kelly. Both pornstars gladly show their lesbian skills as they not only sensually dance with each other, but do way much more. As the crowd cheers louder and louder, Kelly and Leena go further and further.

The show gets closer to a live sex movie than a striptease as Kelly and Leena play with each other’s pussy. They even use a beer bottle to serve as a dildo and, of course, show the audience how much they love it.

Kelly Summer and Leena Ray’s VR POV Porn Video puts you in the center of the action. You really feel like you’re part of the crowd. It will make you want to cheer out those two sexy pornstars to get even more of them! Immerse yourself in this must-see VR sex movie and let your senses do the rest!

Duration: 00:13:44
Size: 1.03 GB
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Frame Rate: 29.970 fps
Audio Codec: AAC


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