KIVR-006-A – Eru Sato and Leila Hazuki – Masochistic Sex Club 180 sbs
KIVR-006-A – Eru Sato and Leila Hazuki – Masochistic Sex Club_180_sbs

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Scene 1: You’re in a dark room with your hands in cuffs as Eru and Leila enter in their lingerie, high heels, and strap-on dildos. They mess with you with their shoes as they sit comfortably on the couch and they then spend some time licking your face and gently grinding on you before wrapping up the scene with handjob action.

Scene 2: You’re now on the floor as they continue to lick your face and drool on you. They spend some time putting their shoes on your chest and dick to further show their dominance. They bring out a couple of Magic Wands to use on your nipple and dick and they end the scene by putting a small vibrator in your butt.

Scene 3: Eru sits on your chest and puts her strap-on in your face for a bit before getting up and pegging you. Leila does the same when it’s her turn and she also rides you in both cowgirl positions.

Scene 4: Leila gets fucked a little more and then Eru wraps up the movie by finally being fucked and eventually receives a creampie. There’s some bonus nipple licking before it’s all over.

Eru Sato and Leila Hazuki

Name: KIVR-006-A – Eru Sato and Leila Hazuki – Masochistic Sex Club_180_sbs.mp4
Duration: 00:16:08
Size: 3.1 GB
Resolution: 4096 x 2048
Frame Rate: 59.940 fps
Audio Codec: AAC

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