Ma cousine de Paris (1981)

Lise Pinson (as Emmanuelle Jennifer)
Cathy Dupré (as Fanny Noël)
Eric Dray (as Eric Peyrolle)
Fred Valorm
Hubert Geral

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Ma cousine de Paris (1981)

The film takes place in France, in Paris and tells us about the difficult fate of a woman of proletarian origin and a peasant profession in a bourgeois society alien to us, about an attempt to somehow change her hard lot under the yoke of the bestial grin of international imperialism and consists of 3 parts.
Part one, introductory:
From the very first frames of the film, we are shown one of the oldest stations in the capital city of Paris, the Saint Lazarus station, to which our main character named Natasha (Lise Pinson) arrives from the provinces in a common long-distance train carriage in search of that very best life. Young and naive, sho Arctic fox, a kind of "fool from the lane." To meet her at the station (well, so as not to get lost) was entrusted to her older cousin (Cathy Dupré), who has long moved to the city and knows all public transport routes. And for the quantity, her friend, part-time alpha male and macha Charles, followed her. The meeting took place in a warm and friendly atmosphere, there were smacks, hugs, delivery of the arrived body to the address, a festive dinner, after which everyone scattered to sleep in their rooms. Macha had sex with his older cousin, and the younger Natasha somehow could not sleep and she decided to read something coming from Chekhov for sleep, but on the shelf she found only some kind of little book with funny pictures, from which Natasha’s hands "started up themselves in a dance ", and everything between the legs. Afterwards, everyone, tired but satisfied, went to sleep.
Part two, culminating:
The next day, our simpleton went to the city and ran into a local comrade, who began to twist our girl to come to visit him, he has a filmoscope, we will see filmstrips. And there is a compass, we will draw circles. Natasha bought a filmstrip with a compass, agreed. And when I came to him, it immediately turned out that the light bulb in the filmoscope had burned out, there would be no cine. Yes, and a neighbor took the compass, he needs to write a diploma project. And that local comrade was not alone, but together with a friend, and they were not comrades at all, but males and males, beta and gamma. These masha wanted to get to know her better, they began to pester our girl, take off her panties. And she fought them off, shouted, but "no matter how she shouted, no matter how she called the police, they still put me in the fifth position." This is how they d our Natasha together, both in the tail and in the mane.
Part three, sedative:
She came home, all in tears and crying into her cousin’s waistcoat that the local machis deceived her, took possession of her shamelessly. To which the elder began to console her:
– Well, what can you do if everything turned out like this. You have to accept it. Although you can look at it from the other side.
– How is it?
– Well, how, how Well, look at this, that it was not you two who fucked, but you yourself gave two. Well, like, "not Buzikha for everyone, but everything for Buzikha." So let’s try.
And then the alpha male is drawn, as if he was standing under the door, and they arranged a trisom, and our "Natalka, everybody gave" excellent coitus, after which the sticky but happy realized that this is where happiness is, here it is, the best share, this is not for you on the farm to pull boobs of cows.
That’s all, end, happy end, fenita la comedy, final, the car goes to the depot.

P.S. The surroundings of the film fully correspond to Dorsel of the early 80s: pretty French women with fluffy unshaven pubes, but shaved armpits; French machis who love to shove their dicks into those same unshavens; views of Paris; VHS; gray-brown-crimson background.

P.P.S. Do not expect a Badcomedian review for this film, he is not up to reviews now, he has enough problems of his own there, just download and watch.

Duration: 00:54:55
File Size: 526.48 MB
Resolution: 704 x 476

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