My Daughter’s BFF – Alexis Crystal (Oculus)

My Daughter’s BFF – Alexis Crystal (Oculus)

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Your daughter’s BFF, Alexis Crystal, just showed up at your place looking for some earrings she lent her. She wants to look good for a party tonight, as she and her boyfriend just broke up. While she searches, Alexis also finds an outfit she’d like to try, and she suggests to model it for you. Turns out this sexy European, girl has always had a crush on you, and wants this private party to start a lot sooner. Get your VR goggles and fuck this gorgeous petite blonde in virtual reality. This is your own little secret now.

Starring: Alexis Crystal

Name: My_Daughters_BFF_oculus.mp4
Duration: 00:35:36
Size: 6.5 GB
Resolution: 3840 x 1920
Frame Rate: 59.940 fps
Audio Codec: AAC

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