Saimin ribenji [VJ012528][360BDC10]

Saimin ribenji [VJ012528][360BDC10]

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At school every single day positive car Shiro Gal ●* Be iji merare in the army corps In the fatties who are a shade car driven hard a man of Komii sho, Using "power of sai ●" that I obtained suddenly, To bully Gal and a president of the student council gentle most cutely at school Intravaginal soup stock Shima eats a Nimpu certain sperm in large quantities.

◇Risa Tachibana (Risa Tachibana)
A voice actor: Mai Hara incense (or will not swell) The build that the Big Tits is erotic visually in Blond Hair tsuinte. Because be self-respecting with impertinence, but the face is cute, too, and the Komii power is high, too, Have not run out of a boyfriend, and it is said that I always act with several people of the followers, The typical queen B that is the top in the school caste. Is principal offender of the Yamada bullying; sai ●Become the most important aim of the revenge. Usually play the hypocrite in front of a boyfriend and the favorite man, The Type which sadism Kokoro originally resists by S gathering sexually.

◇Spring field Sakurako (Sakurako of the Haru)
A voice actor: Haruka (Haruka) Be Pure, and be Black Hair, but suppress the fashion well visually. Act as a president of the student council in Girls told to be the prettiest at school. In fact, the buttocks are mutchiri with a constriction in Big Tits, too. In addition, in unreasonable Binkan Be the owners of the sensitive eroticism body, but the person does not have the awareness of the So. As a matter of course, all the families are pulchritude, too. An owner of the gentle Kokoro that the character contacts with anyone in angel itself equally. By behavior to be very earnest, but to overflow for humor and amiability brightly at bottom Gain popularity with admiration from every student of the school, and there are many friends, too. But be loved because of bad character of the So quietly from Yamada. Have not gone out with anyone, but it be Koko these days so far Have begun to go out with the gentle Sou and good-looking guy classmate which acted as a vice-chairperson. Make a secret around in what do not want to be made fun of around. Is very healthy; associate; is still Virgin. However, the place that there is with a boyfriend
Is witnessed accidentally by Yamada, and mention his wrath. To Yamada who went berserk saying "a naive feeling was betrayed" Be completely sai in thinking ill ●Of the revenge is targeted.

◇Yamada (main character)
The back is not very high, but body and there deca; is. Glasses. In shade kyadebu of typical Komii sho, there is no friend for several years. Enter it and be fixed on bullies immediately, Thereafter be iji merareteiru almost every day on campus. Gentle character or omoi breath to be able to be considerate of a pain and the Worry of the person by just that much, The inside is the waste of the do beast. Strong; bend it to come, and dampen weak kio. Always always make hekoheko in public, but a fruit of the So, Show a way of skewness to look down on another person at the bottom of the Kokoro, and to vomit poison. In addition, be phlegmatic temperament in clamminess persistently. Such a man is toaru sai ●Because have obtained power Dreadful sai ●A sexual life of the revenge opens a curtain.!

◆Character Designer : don (Don)
◆Story: dojima (dojima)
◆Voice actor : Risa Tachibana (Risa Tachibana) / CV. Mai Hara incense (or will not swell)
Spring field Sakurako (Sakurako of the Haru) / CV. Haruka (Haruka)
◆Movie production: survive MORE

Duration: 00:28:13
Size: 1.14 GB
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Frame Rate: 29.970 fps
Audio Codec: WMA

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