Samantha Mack – All Acc3ss P4ss (Oculus)

Samantha Mack – All Acc3ss P4ss (Oculus)

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You’ve been working as Samantha’s private security all tour. She has you stand guard while she evaluates the groupies who try to get backstage. ("Backstage Pass Part 1") Your job has been to watch the fan girls in the dressing room and make sure they leave before their crush on the band members gets out of hand. ("Backstage Pass Part 2") But Samantha is the woman who you would give anything to see on her knees pleading to get an all access pass. She’s the ultimate wing man. But this time the tables are turned! Today she teases you in her dressing room. You both know that touching her would get you fired. She enjoys the power she has over you. After the show the rockstar walks in. Tensions have been building all tour. He can’t resist her giant ass and legendary tits, and she has secretly always wanted to be fucked good and hard like a groupie by his famous cock and it’s your job to watch! How long will you remain professional?

Starring: Samantha Mack

Name: Pass_Oculusv.mp4
Duration: 00:43:46
Size: 10.68 GB
Resolution: 3840 x 3840
Frame Rate: 59.940 fps
Audio Codec: AAC

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