Touch Now, Pay Later (1973)

Starring: Carol Connors, Mary Flemming, Susan Finnigan, Jack Colt, Jerry Jones, Marc Brock, Peter Taylor

Classic, classic porn, vintage porn,

Touch Now, Pay Later (1973)

In Touch Now, Pay Later, three sex-starved guys check into a motel and one of them goes poon-hunting. In another motel, four pretty gals operate what the sign on their door helpfully labels as “A House of Ill-Repute (Whorehouse).” Yes, it really says that.
Our poon-hunter happens on to their establishment and literally receives the champagne treatment. Ah, sparkling wine and pussy – an aphrodisiac discovered by the old Frankish kings! Hookers in the ’70s really did things right!
When our boy gets ready to pay, the Madame pays him instead! Well, that’s the twist here and, needless to say, next time all three guys come. and come again. If you’re waiting for a punchline, you no doubt prefer your pussy with Snapple.

Duration: 00:56:16
File Size: 893.79 MB
Resolution: 720 x 544

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